First Serve Launch

The venues are ready.

The people are expectant.

The Spirit is waiting.

First Serve launches tomorrow morning.

It’s a focused, simple way of mobilizing large numbers of people from the Good Shepherd community to be involved in meaningful ministry throughout the Charlotte area. We believe First Serve will revolutionize our serving ministry in the same way that Pathfinder has brought new life to our group ministry.

To find out more — and to sign up — look here.

And no, the name of the ministry has nothing to do with tennis.

Even though my first serve was by far my best shot . . .
More Voices this Sunday.

Last week we looked at the voices that Judas must have heard on his way to betrayal and ultimately to suicide.

This week, it’s the voices of the crowd that you find in Luke 19 . . . and again in Luke 23.

Check it out. 8:30. 10:00. 11:30.