First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage Launch

Did you know that marriage is the first institution that God created?

Before he created synagogue, before he established government, before he ordained church, God created marriage.

Apparently, he regards it as an enormously big deal.

Yet can there be any doubt that marriage is in some peril in our day? It’s being renegotiated, redefined, and even rejected.

And the truth is, ALL OF US are impacted by marriage. We’re either married now or we were married before or we’re thinking of being married at some point in the future. And those who have made a decision to stay single permanently … you’re impacted by the marriage of your parents, your friends and your sibliings.

So with all that before us, we’re devoting some time to exposing the myths and exploring the truths regarding what God intends for marriage in our day.

As they saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage. But what comes next? Bedlam? Or beauty? Join us in September to find out.

September 8: First Things First

September 15: Back To The Drawing Board

September 22: MarriedPeople

September 29: Married, With Children

Here’s the video that supports the series: