Finding A Sermon Buried In A Dawes Song

In “Just My Luck,” a melancholic ballad that revisits a chance encounter with a lost love, the Dawes Band offers this insight:

I spend my whole life moving forwards but understand it looking back

I am sure I’ve heard that song dozens of times (the same is true of almost of the Dawes catalog in 2020!), but I’d never noticed that line before.

Yet what subtle genius it contains: we live our lives moving forwards but understand them looking back.

And, as my works, I thought:  that will preach.  I’m not sure when and how, but one day that thought will work its way into a sermon. 

Even better: wouldn’t it be great if the kind of life faith empowers us to live results in rear view mirror looks filled with more gratitude than regret?  I know that’s what I want.

In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for opportunities to speak the truth I learned in an “oh by the way line” from a band whose quality at this point surpasses their popularity.

Here’s the song: