Here’s our current Radical Impact Project:  we want to fill this truck with Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

In 2012, our goal was 2,000 shoe boxes.  The people of Good Shepherd brought back 2,800.  So much for goals.

So this year, we want to go beyond that 2,800 and into the truck.  It’s another of the concrete, tangible ways we have give people to respond to the Not A Fan series. 

The good news is that on November 10 we gave out 2,000 boxes and then yesterday we distributed 400 more.  They just need to come back this coming Sunday, November 24.

So to remind people of what we are doing and to help the project’s momentum go viral, we asked the people of the church to put a hashtag on all their social media this week:


The hashtag was making an impact in the Twitterverse yesterday.

But that’s nothing compared to the impact the people of the church will make when their gifts of love make it into little hands of need.