Favorite Verse

I already know what verse will be on my gravemarker. Or urn, depending on how all that goes.

It’s Philippians 1:21: Christ in me is to live, to die is to gain.

I first heard it in a song, as a relatively new Christian attending a campus fellowship group at my college. This was the early 80s and by modern standards the song might be a bit wimpy, but back then it was “contemporary.”

But the words were, and are, timeless.

One verses summarizes the entirety of the Christian experience: life, genuine & adventuresome life, is found through relationship with Christ.

And then dying is even better than that. It’s life after life in Christ’s presence.

So that’s my favorite verse of them all. It’s how I want to be remembered.

What’s your favorite verse and what does it say about your legacy?