“Escape From Average” Begins With “A Real Looker”

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you’re there now.

Stuck in the same. Mired in the mediocre. Living in an excess of average.

But what if life offered so much more? What if you didn’t have to wait until you die for eternal life really began?!

And what if the secret to an abundant life was NOT more focus on you but instead an emphasis on what God can do through you? What if you could be part of someone and something far beyond yourself?

What if you had the opportunity to break loose of the mediocrity that traps you?

What if you could … escape from average?

Now you can.

Escape From Average. Because you were made for something great.

June 2: A Real Looker

June 9: A Peak Under The Hood

June 16: Dad Life

June 23: Past Life

June 30: SHTD

Here is the video that supports the series: