Encouragement By Ice Cream

For the last couple of weeks, I had been telling the staff to clear their calendars for Tuesday, May 15 at 1:30 p.m. for a Surprise Extravaganza.

I was most disappointed when one of our team members did not re-schedule the cruise he is taking with his wife this week.  But Chris Macedo will know better next time.

With only a couple of other out-of-town exceptions, they all showed up.  The best part was that we were able to include both our Pre-School and After-School teachers in the mix, two groups who don’t often get to come to our staff outings.

So we had about 30 different staff members dutifully show at at 1:30 yesterday for the Surprise Extravaganza:  an ice cream truck.

The truck rolled up, the music played, and Good Shepherd employees were surrounded with All You Can Eat ice cream.

It was all a chance for me to thank them for making this not only a good place to go to church, but a great place to work.

Here’s the truck itself . . .

Dennis Sult, Coordinator of Pastoral Care, has a Choco Taco with Pre-School teacher Tammy Hay.
Missions Pastor Ron Dozier with Michelle Persyn, Pre-School teacher and Kristin Dwyer, Assistant Youth Ministry Pastor.  I think Kristin’s enjoying a Polar Bear.
After School Staff:  Monnie Lane, Madeline Bolger, Rachel Bukuts, Erika Rodriguez, and Jason Perry.
Laughing at my own joke, no doubt.
And with my son Riley who is filling in with the After School staff now that his freshman year at Chapel Hill is over.