Elements, Week 6 — Prayers

So we come to the final week of Elements this Sunday.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the series. It was such a departure from our norm.

Plus, it was a series that unapologetically focused on what we do together on Sunday morning.

And finally, I knew I’d say some things that might be unsettling, especially for people who have long been comfortable with Methodist understanding of the sacraments.

Yet in spite of my uncertainty, God has favored us in this series. We’ve seen people stretched, challenged, educated, and comforted. And, best of all, many baptisms are in store in future weeks.

So we conclude the series with the element of “Prayers.” Granted, this element is not tactile like bread, water, or baskets, but the notion of a private practice like prayer happening in a public place like worship brings up a number of questions, including “why do it at all? Why do this private thing in a public venue?”

Ah, that question contains the seeds of the answer.

To see how and why, Sunday.

8:30. 10. 11:30.