Different Voices

I’m glad the people of Good Shepherd don’t hear only my voice.

This past weekend is a good case in point.

On Friday night and Saturday morning, we hosted our First Step membership exploration class. About twenty-five hardy souls came out for the experience.

Except I had a prior commitment on Friday night — a wedding in Fort Mill that turned out to be so much fun.

So Chris Thayer, our Director of Discipleship, filled in for me and taught the first segment of the class.

How do I know he did a good job? Because the entire class came back for round two on Saturday morning.

Then on Sunday morning, Ron Dozier, our Pastor of Missions & Community Impact, gave a rousing conclusion to the Comeback Kids series.

By all accounts, it was the best sermon Ron has delivered for us, punctuated with the memorable take home: Your genealogy is not your destiny; God’s promises are.

I’m convinced that was a word delivered through a voice that the people of Good Shepherd needed to hear.