Did You Know . . . ?

Did you know . . . .

. . . that if you bag the grass you cut, and you mow your lawn on Friday but the city doesn’t pick up the trash & grass until the next Thursday, and it rains almost every day your bagged grass sits beside the garage, that the cut grass smells rancid six days later?

. . . that you can buy Nutrageous by the case on Amazon?

. . . that you can now add Egypt to the list of countries where the Christian minority is fair game for persecution?

. . . that many food items heat up just as quickly in a sauce pan as they do in a microwave?  Have your microwave break twice in a matter of two months, and you’ll see.

. . . that Big Tent Revival recently recorded a cover of The Band’s The Weight?  Here’s the original.  Take a load for free.

. . . that there are some in the Methodist movement who want to discipline pastors who follow The Discipline?

. . . that there is a pro tennis tournament being played on grass, in the USA, this week?