Defining Moments Week Four — Divine Appointment

We’ve been playing this “sermon bumper” each week during the Defining Moments series:

Well, as part of our Divine Appointment, you’ll see more than the trailer.

The short film is poignant, provocative, and compelling in its presentation of the life-altering power of the Gospel.

Which is why we want the people of Good Shepherd to know:  on this Sunday the invited become inviters.

You’ve been invited into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  What a marvelous opportunity to invite others into that same adventure.

That’s why we’ve been distributing “movie tickets” for this Sunday’s experience.  Many, many of you have told us of who — and how — you’ve been inviting.

Sunday.  8:30.  10.  11:30.  It might just be a defining moment in the life of our church.