De-Weirding The Holy Spirit

When it comes to the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the Apostle’s Creed spends a lot of time talking about the Father and the Son and relatively little in speaking about the Holy Spirit.

In fact, it’s:  I believe in the Holy Spirit

And that’s it.

Which is one reason why the church through the centuries has had some different understandings of the Holy Spirit and how best to experience his presence and power.

Some of those understandings are, frankly, a bit strange.  Odd.  Weird.

Well, we at Good Shepherd love to de-weird people’s experiences of the Holy Spirit.

Not to minimize them.  To magnify them.  We just want the people of the church to be well educated about the Holy Spirit at the same time they are being deeply filled with the Holy Spirit.

To see what I’m talking about and to see how the Spirit himself corrected one of my natural inclinations in preparing the service, check it out Sunday.

8:30.  10.  11:30.

I believe in the Holy Spirit.