Davis Clan

As 2008 winds down, I find myself especially proud to have come from this family on the left.

The photo was taken at my nephew’s wedding in Highlands, NC back in August.

Pictured are the seven Davis children with our remarkable mother in the middle. Betty Davis is 93, still plays tennis, writes books, and gives speeches. On top of all that, she still lives by herself!

From the left: Virginia Palmer, Mark Davis, Nancy Labastida, Clayton Davis, Betty Davis, me, Harvey Davis, and Charlotte Seifert. We span a wide spectrum of personal habits, political convictions, and religious beliefs. But a couple of things this year have made me feel especially grateful to be part of this family.

First, my brother Clayton was elected District Judge in Louisiana. He will be “robed” and assume his duties on January 8.

Second, my brother Harvey (standing just off my left shoulder) went through the almost unspeakable grief of losing his son Christopher in an auto accident. I shared these thoughts at the time. But in the aftermath of the death and funeral, I have seen all my brothers and sisters rally around Harvey in such healthy ways. In fact, he took the time to let each of us know what our support and concern have meant to him. Out of an awful situation, we have come to a deeper appreciation of one another.

That’s why I’m proud to be in the picture.

Happy New Year.