On A #CrashTestDummies Day, An Unexpected Appearance By #Solve

So today is the day that Crash Test Dummies drops.  Releases.  Publishes.  Whatever.  It’s book #5 (whoda thunk?) and I hope my Charlotte area friends can make it to the Book Launch Event tonight from 7-9 pm at RiverGate Shopping Center’s Art Space Studio.


Yet while my mind is all Crash Test Dummies, I recently received some unexpected — and, frankly, mind-blowing news about Solve (book #4, adapted from the sermon series Solutionists.)

In the August 20 edition of the Washington Post, Solve was the #7 best seller in the non-fiction paperback list.  On the same page with John Grisham, Gary Chapman, and J.D. Vance, there’s me, Abingdon Press, and Solve. You can see it for yourself here.

We believe the source of the sales surge is Pender United Methodist Church in Northern Virginia which is using the book for a church-wide study this fall.  All their sermons are adapted from the book and all their small groups are using it as a curriculum resource.  Which, of course, is what the people at Abingdon Press and I hope churches will do with Crash Test Dummies

The end result is that on the day book #5 comes out, book #4 lands at #7.  Got that?