Crash Test Dummies, Week 2 — Gideon. More Than A Hotel Bible.

A lot of you have seen these in America’s hotel rooms:

Gideon bible

But who is Gideon and why does he have a bible distributing organization named after him?

I’m not sure about that second question, but I’m quite interested in the first.

Because like most of the characters in the book of Judges, Gideon is layered, ironic, and interesting.

In some ways he’s a hero.

In others, he’s a crash test dummy.

Yes, I’m preaching on the weekend of July 4.

And yes, I think this one has special relevance for many, many lives and households throughout Steele Creek and beyond.


8:30. 10.  11:30 on Moss Road.

11:30 Latino on Moss.

10 and 11:30 on Zoar Road.