Corner Campus

Driving down South Tryon Street, some of you might have seen this banner high up on what used to be a Hollywood Video store.
And now that space is our Corner Campus.
We’re going to be able to upfit it nicely, and transform an abandoned DVD rental unit into a sacred youth space.
Because the people of Good Shepherd came through so well in the Without Limit 2.0 campaign.
A special one-year, over-and-above giving emphasis that will allow us to become a without limit kind of church.
313 households pledged $410,000 on top of what they already give to God through the church.
The best part?
Because we are tithing the campaign pledge, today we get to deliver a $41,000 check to Charlotte’s Crisis Assistance Ministry, whose three-pronged focus is rent, utilities, dignity.
That’s a “big thing” for a church and a city in the middle of a recession.