Constant Contact Launch — Earwitnesses

We are plugged in, aren’t we? We’ve got mobile phones, portable tablets, and all-purpose laptops. If anything happens anywhere in the world – or even just right around the corner – we’re going to know about it.
But what if in all that communication with the world surrounding us, we’re missing out on contact with the Spirit who is inside us? What if the God of the Universe is inviting the people of Good Shepherd to unplug, tune out, and dive in to a life of prayer and reflection?
What if we’re being called to a life of constant contact with the One who longs more than anything else for intimacy with the ones He has created?
Constant Contact. Not just a series. It’s a way of life.
February 3: Earwitnesses

February 10: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

February 17: Honest To God

February 24: Alone Again, Naturally