Congregational Identity

In church land, there is a fine line between learning from other churches and copying them shamelessly.

Honestly, we sometimes cross that line.

There are a number of churches around the country that we follow quite closely. You can see their links under the Churches We Learn From heading on the left side of this blog. If it wasn’t for what we’ve learned from those churches and leaders, we wouldn’t be where we are as a congregation.

Learning from feels good. Copying shamelessly feels, well, cheesy.

So maybe we’re learning instead to forge our own identity. Take the best of what we are learning from some other places, yet filter it through those things that make Good Shepherd uniquely Good Shepherd.

Without Limit approaches that. It adds an admittedly charismatic flavor to what is in most ways a modern, culturally sensitive congregation. I’d be surprised if any of the churches on the blog’s “list” would tackle in worship the subject we’ll look at in depth on Sunday: praying in tongues.

But Without Limit feels like a good fit. Like we’re crafting something new, something tailored to who we are in this part of town at this time.

Who knows? Maybe some other churches and leaders will learn from us. Or copy us shamelessly.