Coming Full Circle

Here are a couple of pictures of a dedication service back in June of 2001 when Canaan Eident’s parents presented her to God:

Nice suit!

Now: why would I show you ten year old pictures of an infant celebration?

Because yesterday, Canaan was baptized as a believer into the faith. And here’s the best part: her parents performed the baptism. I was there, of course, and the people of Good Shepherd celebrated along with us at the 11:30 service.

Here’s Canaan preparing to get dunked:

But mom and dad had assumed primary responsibility for Canaan’s spiritual life and so were the appropriate ones to baptize her into the faith.

Infant dedication leads to believer baptism, and parents lead the way in introducing their children to Christ.

I love the simplicity and power of that pattern.

And I’m glad we have our baptismal pool at Good Shepherd!

And finally, I’m glad the suits belong to 2001.