What A Collection Of Young Adults Says About … Sex

Our One Sixty Seven series has been one in which the sermons were merely appetizers for the small group conversations to follow.

And such was the case last night, when I gathered with a Young Adult LifeGroup I am privileged to lead in order to discuss the sermon-based content of You Give Love A Bad Name.

We started — as all the One Sixty Seven groups have done — by watching this seven minute teaching video:

OK, let’s admit.  It’s a bit awkward to watch oneself on video in a crowded room.  Especially when the “oneself” is 56 and surrounded by 18 to 28ers of both genders, some of whom grew up with my son.

At least the purple shirt was a hit.

Anyway, we went on from that video to have lively discussion around dating, intimacy, Scripture, and culture.

We realized together that delaying gratification is a hard sell in this culture of faster, cooler, now-er.  We also recognized that many people jump into sexual relationships to avoid truly intimate ones.

And the best moment of the evening came when one among our group stated that what we were talking about was really the difference between SATISFACTION and FULFILLMENT.

I hope you’ll join us on that journey to fulfillment.