Clarity, Alignment, Movement, Focus

The Simple Church book tells church leadership that the journey towards simplicity must involve clarity, alignment, movement, & focus.

We do a lot of things wrong at Good Shepherd, but in this current series Heroes, I feel we are living into that powerful simplicity. Here’s what I mean:

  • Clarity: Everywhere you look around campus, you see Heroes. Banners, T-shirts, bulletins, ministry promotion. There is no mistaking what we are talking about.
  • Alignment: Our BigHouse Student Ministries and Destination Discipleship / JAM Children’s ministries are both using Heroes (in the case of JAM, it’s Superheroes!) as their theme this fall. Our Pathfinder and other small groups and classes are using the message notes and questions as the basis for their studies as well. In other words, we are all looking at and thinking about the same thing.
  • Movement: Heroes is all about moving people from one level of commitment to another; from spectating to participating in God’s great story.
  • Focus: By zeroing in on Heroes during this season, there are no doubt things we aren’t doing that we could be doing. But that’s good — we’d rather do one thing and do it passionately than do several things and do them with mediocrity.

The power of this simplicity came during the last worship element this past Sunday. The service had one point (simplicity): the heroes you have determine the hero you become. So we came up with a way to have some of the people of Good Shepherd tell about their heroes. You can see it here: