Churches & Money

You’ll need your bible for this one.

To find out how to pull off a church barbecue, check here: Acts 29:13.

To read about the successful bake sale they had in Corinth, look here: II Corinthians 8:28-29.

To get biblical instructions for a profitable yard sale, study Colossians 5:1-7 in depth.

And the guidebook for the first-ever church pumpkin patch is in Ephesians 2:23-24.

Notice a pattern?

Now for God’s one appointed fund raiser, you can legitimately look up I Corinthians 16:1-2.

That’s it. That’s what we do. Sunday morning offering. Nothing else. We don’t waste your time, we don’t drain your energy, we don’t frustrate you with small appeals. Sunday offering.

And when it comes to those offerings in 2009, God has been doing things for which there is no explanation . . . except that God is doing them.