Church, State, Christian, Government, GSUMC & the DNC

I’m getting ready to step into the middle of it this Sunday.

A stand-alone sermon that I pray deals honestly, delicately, and forthrightly with the prickly subject of Church and State.  And Christian and Government.  And GSUMC and the DNC.

Why would I do such a thing?

Because the greater Charlotte area will be in the epicenter of the political world in the coming week.

Because a lot of voices claim to have the inside track on God’s will for this nation and this election.

Because churches often say either too much or too little when it comes to the political world.

If you’re expecting something as simple as a presidential endorsement, you’ll be disappointed.

If you want a look at some of the surprising New Testament voices and New Testament history on the matter, well, bring your bible Sunday.

At 8:30.  Or 10:00.  Or 11:30.