Christmas Lights Launch

We climb ladders, armed with staple guns while risking life and limb, in order to put them on our houses.

We loop them through the trees we put in our living rooms every December.

We sit in nighttime traffic jams, hoping to catch a glimpse of them as they adorn the streets of a neighboring town.

Every year, we watch re-runs of Clark Griswold’s personal battle with and triumph over them in Christmas Vacation.

What are they? Christmas Lights.

On our houses, in our trees, covering neighboring towns, and celebrated in our movies, Christmas lights in many ways define the season. You could even say, “No lights, no Christmas.”

So we’ll look at the light this year. We’ll see the dramatic connections Scripture makes between the birth of the Savior and the gift of light.

In the end, we’ll realize this isn’t a light that will blind you. This light will save you.

Christmas Lights.

December 4: Light Show

December 11: The Night The Lights Went Out

December 18: You’re The Light But You’re Not THAT Light

December 24: Night Light

December 25: Morning Light