Christmas Eve Reflections

We had post-it notes all over the Worship Center on Christmas Eve.

The theme had to do with “remembering” — marking the interventions of God in your life.

As a response, we invited the people to write down God’s interventions on post-it notes (we put three in every bulletin!) and then post the notes on the walls of the Worship Center.

The response was powerful.

Here’s a sampling of “interventions”:

  • I met God when I felt love during the Loved series.
  • I met God when I had to make a decision about an abortion.
  • Tonight. I have been touched in a way I have never been before . . . I closed my eyes and felt God touch me . . . it felt like I could just fall into his love.
  • The birth of my sons.
  • God guided me through the darkest of times.
  • God intervened when I tried to commit suicide.
  • In a hospital room, whe I asked God to heal my husband from a heart attack.
  • And many more . . .

That night and those memories are why we do what we do.