Charlotte, Continued

Some other things that I like about Charlotte . . .

  • Charlotte Christian School. The only school my kids have ever attended. CCS is biblical and evangelical without being close-minded and separatist. It is a delicate balance and the leadership does it very well.
  • The tree canopy along Queens Road.
  • RiverGate Shopping Center. The developer and I were in the same graduating class in high school in Dallas, Texas. Twenty-five years later we end up in the same corner of Mecklenburg County. The traffic flow, selection of stores, and proximity to my house (minutes!) make it my favorite.
  • The Olympic Community Of Schools. We partnered with OHS to build a Habitat For Humanity house this year. A win-win for church and school.
  • Independence Boulevard. OK, not really. I guess I don’t like everything about Charlotte.
  • Para-church organizations such as the Billy Graham Ministries and SIM International that have their headquarters here.
  • The Observer. Really. I like it.
  • The fact that the nations are coming to Charlotte. Our congregation has people from Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, France, Ecuador, Great Britain, Congo, Liberia, South Africa, Columbia, and many more. It’s definitely the best thing about the church.
  • Speaking of churches, here’s one I like pretty well.