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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Summer Songs

Guess what?  Tomorrow’s the 4th of July. The midpoint of summer, at least emotionally if not technically. read more

Movers & Shakers, Week 4 — Guest Blogger Devin Tharp: “Leadership Math”

Movers & Shakers has been all about the intersection of leadership and ministries with the next generation. read more

Movers & Shakers, Week 4 — Leadership Math

I think this was a real-time photo of one of the most important professional development sessions in the biblical library: read more

Some Things I Am Always A Fan Of …

A smattering of things whimsical and things weighty that I am always a fan of …. read more

Surrender, Impulses, And The Church

We all have impulses.  And many of those impulses are not necessarily healthy. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Elements To A Good Week

The rhythm of a seven day week is so foundational to most of us that you’d think it was wired into creation from the very beginning. read more

Body Talk

A few years ago, I went through a season where I read Paul’s letter to the Colossians every morning.    Since the New Testament epistles were designed to be heard/read/experienced in one sitting, I thought we’d give it try that way. read more