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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Storm Songs

In the wake of last weekend’s encounter with Hurricane Florence, there is one subject that seems especially appropriate:  Top Five Storm Related songs. read more

When A District Superintendent AGREES With Our Policy On Fund Raisers

Several years ago, a District Superintendent in the United Methodist Church (if you are unfamiliar with that position, it is sort of an Executive Vice President who supervises the pastors and reports to the Bishop) shared these words: read more

A Photo Of An Image On A Screen …

A Good Shepherd friend was unable to attend Sunday’s service in person and so watched it on Facebook Live, took this photo, and then posted it on her Facebook timeline. read more

On This Anniversary … The Supremacy Of Christ

On this somber anniversary, I find it meaningful to acknowledge the supremacy of Christ. read more

Counseling & Preaching

I probably spend 15-20 hours a week preparing messages. And 8-10 in pastoral counseling and visitation. read more

The Big In The Small

Frances Havergal said this: “Faithfulness to principle is only proved by faithfulness in detail.” read more