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A Case Study In Uncovering A Bottom Line

Last Sunday (November 11) was my first message in 2018’s ThanksLiving series.  The bottom line I eventually uncovered/discovered has some real “stickiness” to it, but the process of arriving there was anything but simple.  Here’s what I mean. read more

From An “Eye Roll” To A “To Die For”: The Top Five Benefits Of A Strong Mission Statement

I have a confession:  earlier in my ministerial career I treated any conversation about church mission statements with the dreaded eye roll. read more

How The Four Gospels Begin … And Where They End

As we anticipate the Christmas season and its nativity stories, I have found myself in a couple of different settings explaining how each Gospel begins. read more

Tennessee Weekend (Part 2) — Catching Up With Life-Altering Encounter Guy

Yesterday, I posted about the Weekend Wedding of our daughter Taylor to Nate Underwood in Nashville, Tennessee. read more

Top “Five” Tuesday — A “By The Numbers” Look At A Weekend Wedding

Julie and I spent last weekend in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where our daughter Taylor married Nate Underwood.  After a honeymoon in Cancun, the couple will reside in the Crieve Hall section of Nashville. read more

#TBT — Rivals, Nemeses, Friends: Me & Brad Stoffel, 1980

Here I am as a senior in high school, on the far left of the picture, with Brad Stoffel and his high school tennis coach, Bill Fleming. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five College Football Games Of The Century”

I recently finished Michael Corcoran’s The Game Of The Century, a behind-the-scenes look at the Nebraska-Oklahoma game played on Thanksgiving Day, 1971. read more