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Ephesians 3: Removing All Doubts It’s About The Pronouns

Over the last couple of posts, I have distinguished between ancient Greek speech making and modern American letter writing as we looked at the New Testament letter of Paul to the Ephesians. read more

How To Read New Testament Epistles: Ancient Greek Speech Making And NOT Modern American Letter Writing

Over the last month, my Men’s LifeGroup at Good Shepherd has been reading through a series of Paul’s letters, starting with First Corinthians and continuing through Ephesians. read more

The Value Of Sleeping On It

Earlier this week, I was wrestling with a bottom line for an upcoming sermon. read more

Why Don’t We Have A Calm System?

A friend of mine recently told a group of us that he has a minor condition with his nervous system. read more

Words Make Worlds. Again.

Each week, our staff receives Prayer Cards from our Children’s Ministry.  The Prayer Cards contain prayer requests from the youngest folks in our church. read more