Cambodian Methodism

Our final meeting in Phnom Penh was the most important of them all as our GSUMC team gathered with 10 District Superintendents of the Cambodian Methodist Church.

We were struck with the courage of these pastors and leaders. Most are the only Christians in their entire family, risking reputation, livelihood, and family connection to follow Jesus. Then they typically endure the same kinds of mood swings as American pastors: glorious highs accompanied by painful lows.

My favorite story involves the pastor who, when preparing persons for baptism, has congregants cut off any Buddhist amulet or good luck charm that is attached to their body or their clothes.

New creations, indeed.

We asked specifically what kind of ministry they could do alongside a church like Good Shepherd.
Some of the answers:
  • Train us on how to teach the children.
  • Help us develop our youth.
  • Teach us more about preaching.
  • We can use assistance with income generating projects.
  • Teach our pastors more about the Old Testament.
Sounds like some things we might just be able to do.