California Connections

Though I grew up in Texas and have lived on the East Coast throughout my adult life, California has always had a hold on my imagination.

As I posted yesterday, 3/4 of my little family and I are here on a combination wedding trip / vacation.

So what does California conjure up in my mind?

  • As a kid growing up, it’s where all the best tennis players came from.
  • The Eagles’ Hotel California. When it won the Grammy Award for best album in 1977, my dad said to me with excitement in his voice, “Talbot, California Hotel won!” I wisely did not correct him.
  • When my college tennis team played against UCLA in 1982 (we lost but my partner and I somehow won in doubles), Julie and I realized we were in love. Awww.
  • The Beach Boys Surfin’ Safari. Love the album cover.
  • On a business trip to San Diego in the fall of 1986, I realized that I had a call to ministry. Ten months later I was in seminary in Kentucky.
  • Good weather. All the time.
  • Mega, mega, mega-churches. Saddleback. The Church On The Way. Mosaic.
  • Fuller Theological Seminary — the only place other than Asbury I would have considered attending.
  • Rose Bowl games late in the afternoon on New Year’s Day.
  • Playing against Pepperdine University in 1983 & thinking I had a chance to win. I didn’t. Still, playing a match while overlooking the beach at Malibu is not a bad consolation prize.