“… But I Know Better”

More and more I observe with great sadness that the fundamental posture of the human species is “but I know better.”

It’s true both in the larger culture and in the more intimate confines of the local church.

It’s true of those who have tried Christianity and found it wanting and it’s true of those who are still hanging on to the faith.

Of course, when I see the “but I know better” in the broader culture, I just smile wryly.  But when I see it among the Body of Christ, it breaks my heart.

What is this “but I know better”?   It’s when people demonstrate by their actions that they believe they know what is best for their lives better than God does.  With more clarity than Scripture possesses.

For example . . .

Exodus tells us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy . . . but I know better.

Both testaments teach that we’re to give that tithe (OT) and more (NT) back to God . . . but I know better.

Hebrews says to “keep the marriage bed pure” & reserve sex for marriage . . . but I know better.

Proverbs repeatedly warns against gossip . . . but I know better.

Jesus says hell is real and it is awful . . . but I know better.

Genesis says “male & female created he them” . . . but I know better.

Psalm 139 sings that we are “knit together in [our] mother’s womb” . . . but I know better.

I Corinthians tells me that the wisdom of the world is foolishness in the eyes of God . . . but I know better.

James tells me to consider it joy when I face trials . . . but I know better.

Ephesians tells me that I have spiritual gifts that are vital for the Body of Christ . . . but I know better.

Romans tells me that nothing can separate me from Christ’s love . . . but I know better.


You probably read yourself in one or two or more of the but I know betters.  I did.

I simply want you to know that in the case of these and a myriad other examples . . .  when you think you know better, you don’t.