Bumper Cars And Roller Coasters

Earlier this week I learned some thing from my friend Todd McMichen who works with our friends at Auxano.

Todd pointed out the similarities — and differences — between bumper cars . . .

bumper cars

. . . and roller coasters.

Fury 325

(By the way, that is the new Fury 325 at Carowinds.)

But both bumper cars and roller coasters are amusement park rides.  They both take only a certain number of riders at a time.  And, most importantly, they both require enormous amounts of energy to operate.

Yet with bumper cars, all that energy fuels chaos and discord.  The energy rarely leads to progress because it always leads to collision.

On the other hand, a roller coaster’s energy fuels direction.  It’s headed somewhere.  And with remarkably few exceptions, roller coasters complete their treks.

It takes a lot of energy to lead a church.

But it usually takes the same amount of energy to lead it into chaos as it does to lead it towards progress.

Which is where we pray we’re headed in this inviting all people community known as Good Shepherd.  The ride can have twists and turbulence but through it all, it has direction.