Breaking Communication Breakdowns

I love Chip and Dan Heath’s Made To Stick. That’s why it’s on my favorites list on this blog. Written from a corporate perspective, it’s all about communication.

If you are passionate about communicating important stuff, and doing it in a way that reaches people in the 21st Century, you’ll want to check it out.

Made To Stick showed me that communication needs to be simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and story-driven.

That’s why so many things have changed in our communication style around here:

  • Moving from sermons with multiple “points” and “illustrations” to sermons with one main “point” supported by visual “animations.”
  • Greater use of video imagery to tell stories and support songs.
  • A church bulletin heavy on visuals and light on “church news.”
  • A growing commitment to “less is more.” We try to avoid information overload (something into which churches easily fall) and instead highlight those things that speak to the largest number of people.

So my prayer is that what we say is “sticking” in the minds and hearts of the people of Good Shepherd.