“Brave” Begins!


One thing is certain: we live in uncertain times.

On the inside, our nation is sharply divided along political, religious, and ideological lines.  On the outside, wars and rumors of wars form the drumbeat of the nightly news.  Outrage is the currency of the day.

Where is it all headed?  Will things get worse before they get better?  Will they bet  better before they get worse?  Or will history simply keep repeating itself?

And into all these uncertainties, we step into the most bewildering book of them all: the book of Revelation.  Looking for courage, many of us find confusion instead.  Looking for comfort, we encounter chaos.  Looking for certainty, we find yet more questions. 

But we’re headed there anyway. Because underneath everything we read in the fascinating book is a simple truth.  Jesus wins.  Yes.  Be brave.  Jesus wins.

Because these uncertain times call out for unwavering faith.

April 28:        Everyone Needs A Hand To Hold On To

May 7:           What I Made The Devil Do

May 14:         What To Do When Your Hotel Room Is #666

May 21:         The More Things Stay The Same, The More They Change

May 28:         Full Circle

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