Brand New Used Car

Bruce Springsteen says it this way in the song “Used Cars” from the Nebraska album:

Now, the neighbors come from near and far

As we pull up in our brand new used car

I’ve always loved that line: our brand new used car.

And now we’ve got one.

My son Riley was hit in the trunk area of his car last week. What a relief that he wasn’t hurt . . . and that it wasn’t his fault!

Because of the age of that car and the damage done to the trunk, the loss was total. So we’ve spent much of the past week figuring out what kind of car to get with the insurance settlement. (By the way, the other driver’s insurance company has been terrific to work with.)

So today we got it. Here’s our brand new used car:

A 2003 Camry with 92,000 miles on it. Our first Camry got to 250,000 miles, so we figure this one is just getting warmed up.
So do I continue to drive my 2004 Altima with over 100,000 miles . . . or “give” it to Riley and keep the slightly nicer Camry?
I’ll let you know.