BrainWashing Launch — “Wrap Your Mind Around THIS”


You wash your hands. You wash your hair. You wash your skin.

But what if all that was secondary in importance to washing your brain?

What if the residue that has built up inside our heads after years of bombardment from pop culture, the chattering classes, and conventional wisdom needs a thorough cleanse?

And what if Good Shepherd is just the place to start?

BrainWashing. Because what if the one thing that really needs washing is the thing you’re using to answer these questions?

May 17:    Wrap Your Mind Around THIS
May 24:    That Don’t Make No Sense
May 31:     A Dirty-Minded Church
June 7:     When Every Silver Lining Has A REALLY Dark Cloud
June 14:    The Filter Factor
June 21:    Clearing Your Head