Brain Washing, Week 2 — “That Don’t Make No Sense”

So we are in Week 2 of the series BrainWashing and here’s why:  I really & truly believe that SO MANY of your problems today – relationship breaking, church hopping, temper losing, Jesus doubting, sexual dysfunctioning, political paranoia-ing – come first of all from faulty thinking.

In the same way that smog dirties up the air, our brains have been dirtied up by cultural forces that we are only vaguely aware are operating, and once our brains are dirtied up in that way, we’re conditioned to look at the world through a certain kind of lens.  A particular grid.  And even if you love Jesus and are loyal to his church and you don’t know this is happening, believe me, it is.  In the age of the Screen and the Net, it’s happening more powerfully than ever before.

It’s conventional wisdom.  It’s what smart people think.  It’s everybody knows that!  It’s seemingly harmless but ultimately lethal and your brain and my brain needs a thorough washing to look at the world in a healthier way, a different way, a more Godly way.  We started this series last week by learning together that when you realize the world killed God, you never trust its wisdom again and now it’s time to go all Patti LaBelle & get a new attitude.

And what is the new attitude?  One in which, without the Lordship of Christ, don’t make no sense.

What do I mean?

Ah.  Sunday.  8:30.  10.  11:30.