Boundaries With Kids Rewind

Boundaries With Kids is one of the most personally rewarding series I’ve been part of at Good Shepherd.

I say that for several reasons:

* I didn’t even want to DO the series at this time, so I KNOW God took over;
* So many people who do not have children nevertheless came out to support the series and the ministry;
* Many folks brought their children to last Saturday’s First Serve as a tangible response to the series and as a way of teaching that the world does not revolve around us.

By way of review, here are the four “one points” from the four weeks:

1. Get out of the moment and into the future.

2. You can only give what you already have.

3. The goal: that Jesus would be divinely present in them when you are physically absent from them.

4. Frustration is your ally in demolishing entitlement and establishing gratitude.

And here’s the closing video that, combined with a stirring version of Chris Tomlin’s “Forever,” brought the series to a close: