Big House Launch

Last night we launched the fall season of our Big House Student Ministry. 200 students, 40 volunteers, food, music, conversation, teaching, and prayer.

And one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time: a VIP “Lounge” reserved strictly for sixth graders.

Now: it can be intimidating for sixth graders to move up to youth ministry. Like I said, the crowds are large, the music is loud, and most of the other kids are older. And cooler.

So what better way to make the youngest in the group feel welcome than a VIP Lounge? Not only did they have special seating, but a cadre of older teens put on aprons and served them their meal. At their seat.

Here’s what it looked like with featured appearances by student servants Lexi Nichols and Sheresa Rankin:

Taking those students who are typically ignored at best and ridiculed at worst, even in youth ministry, and giving them a place of honor at the banquet?

That’s what it means to invite all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Even sixth graders.