Beyond Friday Feature

Part of the Beyond Movement is our Beyond Friday Feature.

Written by Jill Wilson, who is part of the Good Shepherd family and is married to a guy named Russell Wilson (“but not THAT Russell Wilson” he is quick to say), today’s is about my friend Patty Fitzpatrick.Patty Fitzpatrick

Here it is:

Wondering what “Living Beyond” actually looks like? In this series, you will meet Good Shepherd people, people you sit by at worship, who are already trying to live out the Beyond Project’s message. Find out more about our community, and yourself, as you meet REAL people who are answering God’s call to live beyond themselves.

Patty Fitzpatrick

If God could use anything from my past to help someone else, it would be amazing!” Patty Fitzpatrick knows what looking beyond yourself can do for you. After a painful divorce, Patty re-connected with Good Shepherd and began the process of moving forward. Encouraged to focus on others as part of her healing, Patty started helping with Room in the Inn and Samaritan’s Purse. She found that as she served, she wanted to serve more. Looking for ways to help in the ministry of Good Shepherd, she started volunteering in our nursery. “I love, Love, LOVE holding babies,” she says.

A customs investigator for Homeland Security, Patty recently made the decision to return to school to pursue a degree in Psychology with the hope of helping others move forward from challenging life events. It will take three years to complete her degree and begin her counseling career.

In the meantime, she is an official Make a Wish volunteer, multiple LifeGroup member, regular Good Shepherd Facebook “liker” and “sharer”, and author of the “Wednesday” daily emailed prayers offered to the Good Shepherd community. “Hold a baby or hand out a folder-whatever it is, I am happy to help.”

Patty supports the Beyond campaign wholeheartedly. “I’m excited about the BIG EXPLOSION that is going to happen when everyone moves beyond themselves and we see what Christ can do.”