Being The Sermon

One of the ways we measure how well we are inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ is through what we call serving in love

The more people who adopt a servant life-style — fostered by but not limited to church-related projects — then the more we sense folks are coming to life at Good Shepherd.

So here are some friends from our church who are doing just that:

This team of people left early Thursday morning to go to Guyan Valley, West Virginia, where they will repair and refurbish homes in partnership with the Appalachia Service Project

One of the young women on the front row is a senior in high school.  In December, she wrote me a note on her Connection Card, letting me know she will major in construction management in college and desperately wanted to work on a mission team helping out with Hurricane Sandy.

While we don’t have a team scheduled for New York (yet), we did have this opportunity.  So we made the call, extended the offer, and she responded with enthusiasm.  For good measure, she brought her older sister along.

Because the best time to start living — and serving — is now.

To begin yourself with some Charlotte-area projects in the coming days, sign up here.