Baptism Celebration — Photo Recap

If you were there, you know how the Baptism Celebration pulsated with joy and euphoria.

If you weren’t there . . . well, we’re going to do it again.

And here’s what it looked like:

First of all, we had about 200 people show up, some (55) to be baptized, others to support, and still others to do the baptizing.  We set up two portable pools in the Good Shepherd parking lot — I was the primary baptizer in the one while Ron Dozier held court in the other.

Each of those being baptized had had a one on one conversation with staff & leaders OR had attended a class about baptism.

Each person was asked:  Do you declare that Jesus is your Lord and Savior?  Here I get to ask that question of all questions of a guy who is in my LifeGroup:

 Then, the second question:  As an indication of your living relationship with Jesus Christ, would you like to be baptized into the faith you’ve just declared?  I love the “yes” to that one!

When this friend of mine and I were preparing for the “Questions,” we actually had a serious-but-brief talk about the sermon that morning:

This whole family went public by getting wet.

Few things are better than having someone help with the baptizing.  Like a dad:

Or granddad:

Or Devin Tharp, our Student & Family Pastor.

At the end, I think we all felt this way: