For each of our Sunday series, we put out a roadside banner with the series title, dates, and visuals.

They have proven effective at drawing people into the church.

For unChristian, our banner looks something like the graphic to the left.

And on Sunday night, someone stole it. First time ever.

Which brings up all kinds of questions.

Was the thief a regular vandal just creating mayhem in Steele Creek?

Was the thief someone who doesn’t want people to come to church?

What in the world will the thief do with the banner now?

Was the thief an unChristian Christian who doesn’t believe churches should have series with provocative titles like unChristian?

If, as we talked about on Sunday, Christians are more famous for what they are against rather than who they are for . . . maybe it was stolen by a Christian who is against unChristian. I don’t know.

Check the roads to see if we put one back up.