Background Noise

Most mornings, as I get ready for the rest of my day, I have the television playing for background noise.

Sometimes it’s the caustic banter of Imus In The Morning.  Other times it’s the slightly more elevated political discourse of Morning Joe.  And then for a break from all that, there is the clever back-and-forth of Mike & Mike In The Morning

However you slice it, it’s all noise, all the time.

And for years, that background noise has been part of my morning routine.

Yet something happened over the last couple of months as I was preparing and then delivering the messages for the Constant Contact series.

I very clearly heard God ask me in a plaintive kind of voice, “why can’t I be your background noise?”

So the TV has been off, my heart has been softened, and my ears have been opened.

And I’ve been learning that when you cut out some of the world’s noise, the God of the background becomes Lord of the forefront.