Baby Invasion, Week 2 — Almost Killing Jesus

Isn’t it true that most of us act differently when a baby arrives in our

New moms weep.

New dads weep harder. 

Grandmoms start cooing. Granddads start talking baby talk

Aunts and uncles come bearing gifts. Friends who don’t even
have children of their own want to hold that newborn and smell its head.

But all that strangeness is nothing compared to what happened when baby
Jesus – unplanned, uninvited, unimaginable – invaded the lives of Mary,
Joseph, Herod, the Magi, and many others.

This Christmas we’re going to dig deep into some of those odd responses
to the ultimate Baby
Invasion… and when we do that, we’ll hold up a mirror to see how we
respond to Him as well.

Baby Invasion – because people do the strangest things when a baby shows

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