Asbury Seminary In 2023

While at last week’s Annual Conference, I also attended the luncheon for graduates of Asbury Seminary who serve in Western North Carolina.

The seminary was begun in 1923 with a handful of pastors-in-training gathering in the remote Kentucky hamlet of Wilmore. 

Today, the school has close to 1800 students on two different campuses (the second one in Orlando), and the city of Lexington has expanded to the point that Wilmore is no longer quite so remote.

Given that its 100 year anniversary will arrive in just over a decade, the school has prepared and embraced a bold plan for 2023.  The plan’s promo video is the kind of piece that fills alums with pride not only for the school’s expansive vision but also for its ability to mix art, technology, and inspiration.  You might not get teary-eyed watching it, but I did. 

Here it is:

You can read an abbreviated version of the plan here.