Art. Flow. Teaching.

So here’s how the service went yesterday as we began the series Rubber Meet Road.

After an energetic time of congregational singing — with a praise set featuring a song written by our very own Chris Macedo — we showed this home-grown video:

We followed that immediately with a nice version of “If I Could Be Like That” by Three Doors Down.

Next came my message, which focused on the theme of “envy” from James 3:13 – 4:10.

So: a video that combines both “rubber” and “envy,” a song from the culture that speaks poignantly about how envy minimizes us, and then a teaching which noted that people in James’ day called envy the “ulcer of the soul.”

It was our hope that the artistic elements of video and music would support the biblical teaching which followed. I think we got this flow pretty close to “right.”

That’s why we do what we do.