Where Apples Fall Launch — “The Harder They Fall”

Where Apples Fall

“Well, THAT apple sure didn’t fall from the tree!”

It’s one of the most common ways of describing the incredible influence that parents have on their children.  Influence that parents wield knowingly and unknowingly, to great impact and to lasting damage.

We know that faith starts at home at Good Shepherd.  That’s why we devoting our early autumn teaching series to a deep exploration of the enduring impact mothers and fathers have on their children of all ages.  We’ll do so by tracing the journeys of some of the bible’s most memorable – and messed up! – extended families.

Where Apples Fall.  A series for parents and anyone who has ever had them.

September 3:      The Harder They Fall

September 10:   Falling Apart

September 17:   Falling A Little TOO Close

September 24:   Falling Alone

October 1:           Falling Well

Here’s the video: