Appealing To People’s Best

The first results are in from last Sunday’s What Child Is This offering in support of the fight against the global slave trade and human trafficking.

And they’re pretty spectacular.

When we combine them with the offering we’ll receive on Christmas Eve for the same cause, well … I think we’ll all be amazed.

I’ve had a couple of people mention to me that they had some anxiety about the series — it’s a heavy subject, the appeal for money is overt and unfiltered, and it’s so different from our ghosts of Christmas past at Good Shepherd.

Yet I think this project will prove yet again something powerful about the people of this church: when you invite them to “live large,” to live a life on behalf of others rather than self, they invariably respond in big, beautiful ways.

It’s all about appealing to what is best in people.

Look for more of that on Christmas Eve.